About Us

Our facility is designed to store your vehicles and is specifically tailored to keep your car in excellent condition. 

We offer a clean and controlled environment that will help your car retain its value and is the first car storage facility of its type in the Northeast! 

We off you everything you need to keep your vehicle safe, secure, and protected under our roof, and in one convenient location.  At CT Car Storage we are providing the latest and best in climate control along with humidity control and air cleaners to keep everyone’s individual auto suite virtually dust free.  We also provide the latest security systems, the ultimate in video surveillance, which is limited to our viewing and is actively monitored at all times.  We are also providing you with an ultra private automobile suite, with security in mind.

Each individual automobile suite has a door alarm and motion sensors, which automatically disarm and rearm when you arrive and leave from the storage facility. Your convenience to come and go is unmatched. When you choose to store your vehicle with us, we will tailor a membership price to your needs.  You can have complete access to your suite and vehicle if needed, so there is no more worrying about having to call ahead in order to take your car out.

With membership to our facility, we also provide you with access to “The Library,” our
fully-equipped clubhouse and lounge for all of our members.  This includes internet access, TV, and much more.  This can be used for social events or meetings for members of auto clubs.

Visit our website at : www.CTCARSTORAGE1.com