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SkinMedica Products Houston TX

Drs. George and Sakina Davis are experts at making individuals look and feel beautiful from the inside out with specialized medical spa treatments.  These two anti-aging specialists have studied every aspect of the aging process and know how to slow down and even reverse common side effects of aging.  Using a more natural and holistic approach to medicine, Drs. George and Sakina Davis offer a variety of programs and medical spa treatments designed to make their patients look and feel their very best.

Dr. Sakina H. Davis opened The Woodlands Wellness Medical Spa and Cosmetic Center more than eight years ago, in January 2005.  Having previously worked as a family physician for several years within the Houston, TX area, Dr. Sakina Davis was inspired and motivated by her former patients to seek alternative treatment options to peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.  Peri-menopause is the three- to eight-year span before menopause.  Dr. Sakina Davis specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for hormonal imbalances, natural thyroid supplementation, treatments of adrenal fatigue, and hosts vitamin, mineral and dietary consultations to assist with weight management.  They also provide SkinMedica products for anti-aging and beautiful looking skin.