About Us

With Webb Eyes Associates, squinting, leaning in close, sitting in the very front row, and other activities caused by vision troubles, will all be things of the past. At Webb Eye Associates, we strive to provide every patient with the best visual health care available. Being a comprehensive eye care center, patients of all ages and medical histories are more than welcome at our facility. Highly experienced and eager to help you see the world, our three optometric glaucoma specialists on-site are qualified to treat numerous eye diseases, ocular injuries, prescribe eye glassescontact lenses, or medicines pertaining to vision, and  provide a comprehensive eye exam.  Regardless of if you have cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, dry eyes, red eyes, allergies, or another vision obstructing issue, you can expect your vision to be assessed with expertise in our offices. Understanding that no two patients’ eyes are ever the same, you will receive one-on-one consultations with your doctor to ensure thorough care and solutions are offered to you.

Eye Exam, San Antonio, TX


Want New Fashionable Eye Glasses?

If and when it is time for you to choose new glasses or contact lenses, a wide array of different options are available inside our office for added convenience. A wide array of fashion eyewear, including designer brands, can be found here, and our friendly staff would be more than willing to help you choose a style that suits your lifestyle and is cosmetically appealing. If you are considering contact lenses, bifocal lenses, disposable lenses, breathable lenses, colored contact lenses and much more are available. A specialist can help teach you how to put in contact lens, clean your lenses, and provide other lens management tips if you are new to the process. Wanting great vision for everyone who visits, many payment options are available. Just a few of the insurances we accept include: Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, CPS, Medicaid, HEB, Medicare, USAA, Tricare, PHCS, S.A.P.D., S.A.F.D, Community First, Humana, PPO, VA, Vouchers, and more.