About Us

For over 45 years, Vollbrecht Jewelers on Western Avenue in Albany, NY has been the largest volume dealer of Estate Jewelry,Antique Jewelry, and Modern Jewelry in the Capital Region.  We host a vast selection of Diamond Engagement Rings, Aqua Marine and Diamond Jewelry, Sapphire jewelry and Blue Topaz.  Come browse our bracelets, rings, earrings and unique broaches. 

Before you pop that all important question, stop into Vollbrecht Jewelers. You will be amazed at our selection of one of a kind and unique engagement rings.  Our selection of Estate and antique engagement rings rivals even the largest mall based jewelry stores.  Looking for a special gift for someone?  We can help you choose the very best piece.

Why choose estate jewelry over new?
Estate jewelry offers a better value for customers because it is bought from an individual or an estate at a price that is far less than high wholesale prices.  To buy modern new jewelry of comparable quality can be many times more expensive than purchasing an estate piece of jewelry from Vollbrecht Jewelers.  You can own a masterfully crafted antique or estate piece from Vollbrecht’s that was hand made for a fair price.   

Unlike many modern jewelry pieces, Estate Jewelry usually is handmade by a master craftsman, has the actual gem stones, and utilizes unique settings.  The quality of hand made jewelry from yesteryear is almost always superior to what is available in those mall jewelry stores. 

Do you have some jewelry from past generations?  We offer appraisals of your antique jewelry, Estate Jewelry and vintage jewelry pieces.  When you bring your precious heirlooms to Vollbrecht Jewelers, you can be sure you are getting a fair and accurate evaluation of your estate jewelry.

We also have a great selection of antiques including silverware, sterling silver, fine crystal artwork, Porcelain, and art glass.

Make sure when you are ready to make your next jewelry purchase you come to Vollbrecht Jewelers.  You’ll be glad you did!