About Us

Topsoil is a precious commodity from the upper portion of the earth’s surface that supports plant and animal life. Since topsoil consists of layers of stone, clay, dirt, mineral and organic compounds that have combined over millions of years and geologic transitions, it must be harvested properly in order to produce new, usable topsoil. Our topsoil is the best in the area and our proprietary process that has evolved over the last 64 years and is screened to 10 Milliliters.  We are D.O.T. approved and have a team of professional, credentialed and conscientious drivers that you can trust to get the job done quickly, efficiently, thoroughly and professionally. We literally leave no stone unturned!

We pride ourselves on treating all of our customers with the same friendly service and expertise that has transcended generations.

Troy Topsoil, Inc. performs excavation of all types and also supplies crushed stone, stone dust, bank run gravel that is unscreened to be used for fill, compost, and organic compost.  Give us a call to discuss the many colors, textures and styles that fit your needs and budget. You may also retain our services for transporting equipment and flatbed moves.