About Us

Stump Grinding Buffalo, NY

If you are in need of tree service in Buffalo, NY trust the professionals at Tree Care of New York.  When we say tree service we mean it! We can remove any tree from any location!  Tree Care of New York is here to service any need you have with Mother Nature’s giants.  

Tree Removal Buffalo, NY 

Do you have an unsightly tree in your yard?  Has a recent storm taken a toll on trees on your property?  Tree Care of New York can handle all tree removal needs here in Western New York.  We are able to handle all tree removal: large and small. 

Tree removal jobs we have done in the past include: overgrown trees, fallen trees, uprooted trees, and trees hanging over power lines.  We have the ability to remove almost any tree in almost any location.  Our professionals have many years of experience so you can feel confident that we will do it right. 

Stump Grinding Buffalo, NY 

Stumped on how to remove that pesky stump on your property?  Call us now to have that stump taken care of once and for all!  Stump grinding is an easy way to beautify any property.  Stump Grinding frees up space on your land and makes it easier for maintenance.  Our team will come to your property with our stump grinder to remove the stump in no time! Stump grinding is just one of the great tree services that Tree Care of New York Provides. 

Storm Damage Buffalo, NY 

If a storm takes a toll on your trees, we can help you out.  Whether the damage to your trees, shrubs or bushes that came from wind, rain, sleet, ice or snow, Tree Care of New York is the company to get your yard back to normal.  Tree Care of New York is available 24 hours a day to provide you with emergency tree removal and storm work.