About Us

Some of the most vulnerable times in your life are when you need legal assistance the most. If you are facing divorce, bankruptcy, or the inevitable, it’s essential that you have a competent attorney by your side to help you through this challenging time. For individuals and families across Connecticut, that attorney can be found at Terbrusch Law Firm.

Led by Richard P. Terbrusch, an attorney with experience working in the Connecticut Judicial Branch, the Terbrusch Law Firm combines personalized attention with hard-to-find insight into the Connecticut court system. Mr. Terbrusch not only knows the law surrounding issues of bankruptcy, estates, and family life – he also knows many of the judges and other legal professionals.

At this time in your life, it’s essential to make sure you have access to an attorney who can combine legal knowledge with personal insight. There’s nothing to lose by contacting the Terbrusch Law Firm. Your initial consultation is free. Call today to schedule your consultation.