About Us


Riverview Pediatrics is a privately owned and operated physician office, providing care to children and adolescents.  We are staffed by three board certified pediatricians who are on call 24hrs per day, seven days a week to meet the needs of your children.  Our office does not cross cover with other physicians, thus making it possible for you to know all the physicians who will participate in the care of your child. Offering your family the perfect doctor for kids! 


The health and well being of children and adolescents is our top priority at Riverview Pediatrics. The philosophy of Riverview Pediatrics is to maintain good health utilizing preventative measures. We base our treatment methods on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Medical Association. We follow the recommendations of both state and local health departments, as well as directives form the Federal government.


One unique aspect of our office is that for the 30 years we have been in business, we offer what we refer to as "our telephone hour".  This is a set time of the day when one of the physicians will answer the telephone directly.  This is an invaluable tool for parents.  It allows you to ask any questions you may have about the care of your child and it will allow you to schedule emergency appointments for the same day.  If you are unable to call during this time period, our office staff will be available to take your telephone messages and make arrangements for someone to return your call.  The call backs are generally within a two hour time frame unless the call is of a more urgent nature.


Our office reserves time daily to add on patients who may require care for illness or injury.  Thus, when calling with a problem, your child can be seen within a twenty four hour time period.  We also offer evening hours two nights per week.  We use this time to accommodate working parents, allowing them to schedule routine care outside of usual business hours.