About Us

Did your bicycle tires pop while you were riding into Allentown? Stop by Rick Cycle Shop that specializes in the very best bicycle sales. Rick Cycle Shop is a traditional bike shop located in historic Allentown neighborhood of Buffalo NY. We have a huge selection of bicycle parts in stock, offer repair services, and sell new and used bikes. Because we have been a bicycle repair shop for over one hundred years, we have an advantage over other stores. It is with this experience that we are able to offer the bicycle accessories and customer service at affordable prices.

We truly believe that bikes are one of the best forms of transportation. Bikes are perfect for short distance traveling. With bikes, you never have to worry about running out of gas or repairs that could cost you a lot of money. You also burn calories while you ride which helps you stay in shape. If you are ready to hop back on a bike, stop in today and check out our selection.

We also sell used bikes that will fit every customer's budget. Our used bikes offer customers a great way to save money when purchasing a bike. All of our used bikes have been inspected & repaired to ensure you get a high quality bike that will last for years.