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Call Ray's Septic Service when you need septic drain line cleaning to unclog your sewer lines. We also extend the useful life of your leach fields with septic tank pumping and septic tank cleaning services to prevent costly septic repairs later on.

With regular sewer cleaning, also known as septic cleaning, and septic tank pump out services, youíll protect your septic system investment and avoid costly and inconvenient emergency repairs and services.



Septic systems are a very simple way to treat household wastewater and are easy to operate and maintain. Although homeowners must lake a more active role in maintaining septic systems, once they learn how their systems work, it is easy for them to appreciate the importance of a few sound operation and maintenance practices.

The Septic Tank

Household wastewater first flows into the septic tank where it should stay for at least a day. In the tank, heavy solids in the waste water settle to the bottom forming a layer of sludge, and grease and light

solids float to the top forming a layer of scum (refer to the graphic on this page). The sludge and scum remain in the tank where naturally occurring bacteria work to break them down. The bacteria cannot  completely break down all of the sludge and scum, however, and this is why septic tanks need to be pumped periodically.

The separated wastewater in the middle layer of the tank is pushed out into the drainfield as more wastewater enters the septic tank from the house. If too much water is flushed into the septic tank in a short period of time, the wastewater flows out of the tank before it has had time to separate. This can happen on days when water use is unusually high (laundry day, for example), or more often if the septic tank is too small for the needs of the household.