About Us

If you’re like most people, you take your garage doors for granted. Fortunately, Ray & Sons, Inc. understands the importance of safe, well-functioning and attractive garage doors.

Ray & Sons, Inc. began in 1952 when Kenneth Berchem bought a franchise of Raynor Door, a garage door installation company, and set up shop on Islandbrook Avenue in Bridgeport. Berchem’s son, Ray, joined him after serving two years in the Army, and the growing business moved to Lindley Street in the late 1950s. Ray was joined by his son, Ray, Jr., in 1988 and his son-in-law, Michael Rodriguez, in 1997. They pay attention to every detail of the installation process and offer garage door repairs as well as repairs on electrical garage door openers.

Ray & Sons, Inc. has seen how garage doors have evolved from being strictly utilitarian and functional to being an integral part of the appeal of your home. Their showroom, which is open by appointment only, has a variety of doors in wood, steel and fiberglass and several styles of windows for light and beauty. Electric garage door openers are a given today, whether you plan to keep or sell your home. If yours doesn’t have sensors towards the bottom, it’s time to replace what you have.

With no inventory of overhead doors, Ray & Sons, Inc. is competitive on pricing of products and services. Homeowners should plan on waiting up to two weeks for delivery and installation.