About Us

Foundation Repair Bryan, TX

R & R House Leveling & Foundation is a family business that has been serving Bryan, TX & College Station, TX for over four decades. We specialize in concrete slab repair, pier and beam repair, and block and base foundations. We guarantee all work and we make it our goal to exceed customer expectations every step of the way. When you work with us, you'll be working with the owners, so you can be confident that we'll be putting everything we've got into customer satisfaction. We'll complete your house leveling project on time and with ease!

What could be more important than a good foundation? We see a ton of people in the Bryan, TX & College Station, TX area that either don't know that they need foundation repair, or decide that it can wait for too long. You can tell if you need foundation repair if you notice sudden cracks in the foundation itself, along with doors not quite working and even sudden leaks popping up for no reason.

Our house leveling service can fix these issues before they become a huge problem. It's advisable to seek this kind of slab repair sooner rather than later. On one hand, if you decide to sell your home, cracks in the foundation could be a dealbreaker for potential buyers, and you may have to delay putting your home on the market until you can get them repaired. On the other hand, waiting too long only makes the issues with the foundation worse. That makes them more expensive to repair down the road. In very extreme cases, walls in the basement can even collapse. Don't let that happen to you: call R & R House Leveling & Foundation.