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Benefits Administration Columbia, SC What can ProCorps, Inc. do for you? We provide a one-stop source for human resource management. Our benefits administration can help you reduce expenses and details and give you more time to focus on income increasing strategies. We can give you a better understanding of labor overhead cost and bundling of insurance services.

We're here to help companies like yours deal with the enormous volume of administrative and legal details that come with running a business. Our services take the stress off of you to micromanage while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that all of these details are being handled by diligent professionals. Relax- we're looking out for you! 

Our Human Resource Management Team Can Help You.

Human Resource Management Columbia, SC

While we do offer services to companies across the United States, we mainly focus our services in Columbia, SC and in the Southeast. When you call us for help, you will get a real person on the phone who can help you with any issues or questions you may have. Whether you need to make a change to your payroll information, provide the government with important tax information, or need advice on terminating an employee legally, our experts can provide you with the answers and information that you are looking for.

Our Services

Payroll Management

By outsourcing your payroll, you can provide your employees and your company with several advantages. For your employees, you can ensure that their paychecks are generated accurately and in a timely fashion. We also offer direct deposit, payroll reports and extra copies of W-2 forms without any additional charges.Payroll Services Columbia, SC

By managing your payroll services in house, ProCorps ensures that when you have a question about your payroll, you can speak with the actual person who produced the check and is familiar with your account.
You can also be certain that tax payments and other payroll obligations are taken care of appropriately.

Human Resource Management

ProCorps provides you and your employees with qualified and knowledgeable human resources experts who can help you to deal with employment concerns, labor law questions, career coaching, loss of morale, loss of productivity, poor customer service, and personal matters that may lead to litigation. Count on our experienced staff members to step in and help mediate any employee issues you may be confronted with.

Benefits Administration

As with payroll and human resource management, our expertise in managing employee benefits can often result in better results for both you and your employees. Our talented staff of experts knows how to shop the market for the best rates and coverage, and tailor the benefits to suit your company needs. We can also assist in managing existing benefits, if you are happy with the coverage that you have. Either way, you can rest assured that there are qualified experts taking care of your employees benefits.

Some of our benefits administration assists with customized IRS section 125 plan document, deduction authorization, benefit waivers, medical invoicing and payment, new employee notification and assistance with general employee benefit questions. We can provide major dental, medical, disability and life insurance plans for managing your 401-K.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance is a mandatory coverage for all but the smallest of companies, but it is something that can be easily misunderstood or mismanaged. If your insurance is mismanaged, it could result in devastating increases in the cost of your coverage. ProCorps assists business in finding the best coverage for their employees at the lowest cost, and helping you to manage workplace risks and claims to keep that cost low. Whether you are happy with your old coverage, or looking to get a better policy, our talented staff can manage your policy and work with the payroll department to ensure it is paid each pay period. 

We Provide Quality Payroll Services to Columbia, SC

Our human resource management team at ProCorps will make sure your business in Columbia, SC is properly managed. If you are looking to start a small business, or already own a company, ProCorps will assist with your worker benefits, compensation, and payroll services. You and your employees can rest easy with the professionalism of our efficient system. We are here to improve your business on all aspects, including benefits administration. ProCorps can assist your employees with all questions related to employee benefits, federal and state regulations, records storage, hourly wage, and salary issues. Call us today and we will help you get started, we proudly serve Columbia, SC!