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Electric Carts Charleston, SC

If golfing is one of your favorite past times, then you are surely a frequent rider of golf carts. Instead of hauling your putter to each hole, which can be hundreds of yards away, you need a golf cart that runs smoothly and takes the weight off your shoulders. What should you do if your cart breaks down and you need a golf cart repair?

Take your electric carts to the one stop shop in Charleston, SC: Palmetto Custom Carts. Our company specializes in the customization of many carts including golf carts and we will gladly help you with all of your cart and vehicle needs.

Palmetto Custom Carts specializes in electric carts and more. We are a leading dealer for Tomberlin “Street Legal” Low Speed Vehicles. Since 2007, we have been providing clients with the most modern designed golf carts, electric carts and custom accessories.  Our vehicles can be customized the exact way you want them with the necessary maintenance and service to keep them running and working right as long as possible.