About Us

Do you live in Olean, NY and need to find a new pediatric doctor for your child? Perhaps you need an allergy specialist instead. To visit a variety of types of doctors and specialists under the same roof, call Olean Medical Group today. Our family practice has the staff to handle any situation for any member of your household.

Whether you need a cardiologist, a pediatric doctor, cancer doctor or an allergy specialist, the family practice at OMG is here to help. We specialize in a variety of areas so you can find the medical services you need under one name. 

Our Mission:

"To provide for our patients the best medical care, with dignity, compassion and respect."

Allergy Specialist Olean, NY Serving the greater Olean area since 1948, the Olean Medical Group is the largest medical group in Western New York outside of Buffalo.  A Limited Liability Partnership, the firm is operated through the combined efforts of the Physicians and Administration.  We have 5 office locations. Our main office is located at 535 Main Street, and we also have four satellite offices in Cuba, Ellicottville, Franklinville, and Port Allegany, PA, all within 28 miles of the main office.  Please visit http://www.oleanmedicalgroup.com/ for more information. 

OMG's main offices are a one-stop shop, with radiology, a laboratory, and PT.  We even have a pharmacy on site.

In addition to primary care providers, OMG offers several specialists in a variety of practices. 

  • allergy; dermatology; hematology, oncology; urology, pediatrics; cardiology; neurology; endocrinology; general and colorectal surgery; pulmonology; obstetrics and gynecology; 
  • neurosurgery and pediatric gastroenterology

Olean Medical Group is Your Family Practice

Family Practice Olean, NY OMG specializes in providing caring and high quality healthcare to patients and their families.  Your family practice doctor acts as the "gatekeeper" of your primary healthcare needs.

Family practice is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages and their families.  It is a division of primary care that provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual and family across all ages, sexes, diseases, and parts of the body.  It is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion.

Does your child need to visit a pediatric doctor? Here at OMG, we have a team of doctors that specialize in children's medical care. In addition, we house a dermatology specialist, a cancer doctor, and an allergy specialist, among others. Our variety of specialists that span several disciplines are the core of the success of our family practice. No matter your medical needs, we can address them right here on site. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Need to see an Allergist or a Cardiologist?

We pride ourselves in providing compassionate and efficient care for professionals and busy families.  We know that you are busy and strive to make every effort to maximize your time with Dr. Lewis while minimizing your wait time, along with making sure all of your questions are answered. 

Testing is done right here at OMG:

  • Drug Allergy Tests
  • Allergy Injections
  • Skin Testing (including drug, latex and venom)
  • Latex and Venom Tests
  • Methacholine Challenge
  • PFTs (Pulmonary Function Test)

Your primary care provider will determine if an appointment with an allergist would be beneficial in further managing your problems.