About Us

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Owner Dave Nelson has been in the swimming pool industry for more than 40 years.  Along with his wife Connie, he oversees the construction process of every project from beginning to the end, applying his expert knowledge and craftsmanship each step of the way.  From initial design to swimming pool construction and follow-up maintenance, Nelson combines quality workmanship and careful material selection with a high level of customer service.  Construction methods and techniques are continually being developed at Nelson Pools in response to industry advances, so you can expect the latest products and technology to be not only available but familiar to your personal contractor.

In every project, Nelson works to create a balance between aesthetics and function.  Lighting, water depths, tiling options, heating and automation solutions are all part of a fully customizable product specifically delivered with the end user in mind.  It is equally essential that your pool looks fantastic, so that even when it isn’t being used for swimming it is still an asset to your property.

The team at Nelson Pools understands that no two pools are the same, just as no two clients' needs are the same.  Regardless of what kind of pool or spa you choose, a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution can be successfully implemented by a Nelson contractor.  That's the rule, not the exception, at Nelson Pools.

Nelson doesn't compromise quality — and neither should you.  With a Nelson swimming pool or spa contractor at your beck and call, there is never a question of quality.  From start to finish, all work is undertaken by highly skilled custom design pool contractors and supervised by experienced managers.  Part of your investment requires a trusting relationship between you and your pool contractor, and you can rest assured that your relationship with Nelson will be honest, professional and satisfactory.

Schedule a consultation with a sales representative from Nelson today to discuss ideas and address any questions you may have.  Lifestyle requirements, space limitations and intended use will all be included as part of the conversation.  Matching your needs and preferences is Nelson's highest priority, so don't be surprised if your image of the perfect pool becomes a reality.