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23 Year Retired Military & 17 Year Corrections Officer 

Bail Bond Agent Fort Walton Beach, FL bail bond agent, or bondsman, is any person or corporation which will act as a surety and pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a criminal defendant in court. 

Located on 594 N. Ferdon Blvd, CrestviewFL

Clem Flenaugh works with Delphine, his wife, and has been a resident of Okaloosa County for over 20 years and is a dedicated member of the community.  Since 2007, Clem has put his clients first and maintained a good relationship with those he has bailed.  Mr. Clem’s Bail Bonds can handle any type of charge, and will take the time to make sure your situation is handled with care.  Here at Mr. Clem’s Bail Bonds, you are handled with fast, friendly and prompt to service. 

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Bail Bond Crestview, FL Mr. Clem Bail Bonds is a local bail bondsman, in the Okaloosa, Fort Walton Beach, FL, Destin, FL, Crestview, FL & Santa Rosa County area.  Clem Flenaugh is on call for you, to help with your particular charge, and provide you with the correct information.  Clem is a prompt, professional, and courteous bail bond agent – the best agent for you!  With the expertise to post the bonds bail which is right for you – let our bail bond agent help you out when you need it most.

We serve 3 different counties along the Emerald Coast for your convenience.  Mr. Clem’s Bail Bond will take the measures necessary to bail the incarcerated out in a matter of hours.  Mr. Clem will make the effort to have you, or your loved one, released before the first appearance in court.

Proudly serving Fort Walton Beach, FL and Destin, FL

If you, or someone you know, has been incarcerated and needs help, contact Mr. Clem’s Bail Bonds for bail bonds Now!!!  (WE ALSO DO COURT DATE REMINDER CALLS!)

 Okaloosa County: (850) 689-8848Bail Bond Destin, FL

Santa Rosa County: (850) 623-0063

Walton County: (850) 892-0487 


Main Fax: (850) 398-8336

Secondary: (850) 682-2718