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The Midland Daily News has served our unique community of Midland as both a news and advertising vehicle since 1858.

Midland, with a city population of 40,100 and county population of 82,200, stands apart from the average community of its size nationally. The median household income stands at $48,254, ranking fifth highest in the state and over 36% higher then the Michigan average.

There are a variety of industries in Midland. The sprawling Dow Chemical and Dow Corning corporations; both Fortune 500 Companies, account for 8,763 employees in Midland County. Global and U.S. Headquarters and the Michigan Division of the Dow Chemical Company are all located in Midland and account for much of the affluent base. In addition, Midland County has the highest percentage (53.9%) of its residents earning their living from manufacturing of any county in the nation. Dow recently announced plans for both a new battery plant and a solar shingle plant both adding approximately 1,000 new jobs to the Midland area. On average, 62% of residents make over $50,000 per year. It is also one of the most high-tech counties in the United States, Midland County is ranked #1 in the state for the number of patents issued and the number of advanced degrees per capita. The impact of the strong business environment can be felt throughout the area. There are more than 42,500 workers employed in the county. The unemployment rate is 3.1 percent countywide and 2.4 percent in the city.

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The outlook for future growth is optimistic. Five year market projections of population, effective buying income and retail sales, show Midland County demographics growing at almost twice that of the state and national averages. Population is projected to increase in Midland County 4.3% while 2.0% growth is projected for Michigan. In addition the effective buying income is projected to increase $13,931 to $62,185. This would rank Midland as the fourth highest in the state; and again, significantly exceeds the state household EBI average of $48,401.

Our Midland retail base continues to grow with a major four-anchor mall, a 190,000 square foot Meijer Super Store, Office Max, Lowe’s and Staples. Recent new businesses include Pier One, Home Depot, Super Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Michaels and Marshall’s. The downtown Midland area has been renovated and it is now fully occupied with “destination” retailers, as well as a Minor League baseball team. Midland’s strong economic environment combined with the upscale demographic profile of Midland consumer makes them an important commodity in the “retailing game.”

The Midland Daily News is the only daily newspaper serving this highly educated and affluent community and has a readership penetration of over 60% daily and Sunday. In Midland County, 49.7% of the population is over the age of 35, and in the age category, our penetration increases to over 84% daily and Sunday. In addition, advertisers wishing to benefit from total market coverage, have the opportunity to do so with our cost-effective non-subscriber supplements entitled “Midland County Review”. We also reach 91,000 people per month on our web site www.ourmidland.com.

Advertisers, who want to target their message to consumers with income to spend, use the Midland Daily News as their primary advertising vehicle.