About Us

OB/GYN Doctor Maryville, IL

We became known as Maryville Women's Center in 1998. It was the beginning of founder Dr. Tina Gingrich's dream to provide all medical services in one women's health clinic location. From pregnancy calendars to routine exams, our local gynecologist center offers comprehensive women's health care to the Maryville, IL area.

Dr. Gingrich is an OB/GYN doctor who grew up here on the east side and began her medical training in St. Louis, MO. She was recruited back home by Anderson Hospital to keep women on this side of the river by providing the same quality care that drew people to St Louis. She was frustrated that in this small community, women had to travel from one location to another to get their medical needs met.

After practicing here for 5 years, the dream began to unfold. The three story pink building was built, providing ultrasounds and a blood drawing station under the same roof where OB/GYN services were provided.