About Us

At Mannin Construction we offer fast, safe septic systems services and much more. Our experienced and dedicated workers are experts in a variety of services. The number one goal of our company is to provide you with the best service possible at a price that is reasonable for you. Call our Plainview, TX company today for any of your needs.

Mannin Construction has been providing its services to Plainview, TX since 1975. With over 35 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to handle any problems or concerns that you might have. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. Our customer friendly staff will address any questions that you have.

Our services include:

  • sprinkler repair
  • sprinkler installation
  • septic system installation
  • septic system cleaning
  • septic system repair
  • backhoe service
  • and more!

Did you know that over 20 million people use septic tanks in the Unites States alone? If you are one of these 20 million, it is important that your septic tank is taken care of by a qualified professional like our specialists at Mannin Construction.

If your septic tank begins to let off a foul odor, don’t hesitate to call us. Our professional staff will clean and repair your septic systems. We will also provide helpful advice so that you can keep your septic tank running problem free. With Mannin Construction, your problem will be fixed quickly and properly. We also provide septic system installation services.

We offer affordable sprinkler repair services!

Are you having difficulty giving your plants the water that they need? At Mannin Construction, we know that watering your crops and plants is not as easy as it looks. Some plants require more water than others and making sure that your plants receive an even and thorough watering can be an exhausting and difficult task if done by hand.

With our sprinkler installation and sprinkler repair service, watering your plants will no longer be a problem. We will help you decide on the right system that will make watering your plants and crops an easy and hands free task.

Whatever problem you have, Mannin Construction has the solution. Call us today and let our dedicated staff show you why our customers have trusted our services for over 35 years. The professionals at Mannin Construction are here to help you with all of your septic repair and installation services throughout the Plainview, TX area.