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For LoStocco Refuse Service, the phrase “Out with the old, in with the new” is a year-round philosophy, not just something to associate with the New Year. For more than 25 years, LoStocco has been serving residential and commercial customers.

LoStocco Refuse Service offers more than just regular weekly garbage removal and trash pick-up for people in the Danbury and New Milford areas. The independently owned and operated company specializes in roll-off dumpster rentals and custom recycling programs. Lostocco’s dumpsters range from 10 to 40 yard sizes, serving homeowners who are remodeling their houses or those who know that an
uncluttered house is not just more appealing, but safer.

The reality is that people tend to accumulate a lot of things over the years that no longer serves their purpose, such as kids’ toys, or is suited to their current tastes. People who have a lot of stuff tend to spend a lot of time looking for things and then buying more because they couldn’t find them! It’s a vicious cycle. And in the age of the Internet, tablets and e-readers, people no longer need to keep so many cookbooks, encyclopedias and classic novels. Why risk having books become yellow, brittle and unattractive and possibly feeding book lice or termites or hoarding turn into a fire hazard? LoStocco’s dumpster rentals will kick-start your plan to clean out your house and keep you motivated. An organized house means a less stressful life.