About Us

In the ever changing arenas of workers’ compensation and social security law it is one of the utmost importance that you have competent and professional representation.  Our offices strive to meet the demands of these increasingly difficult areas of law and provide the best possible services to our clients.

In court, we represent our clients on all aspects of workers’ compensation and social security claims, from the initial application through the hearing process and, if necessary, appellate review.

Attorneys in Buffalo, NY

Personal attention to our clients and an up to date knowledge of recent developments and changes in the law are some of our greatest strengths.  These assets are reflected in the thousands of satisfied clients for whom Losi & Gangi provide representation as a worker’s compensation lawyer.

The law firm of Losi & Gangi is a general partnership of worker’s compensation attorneys concentrating the majority of their practice on workers’ compensation matters, social security disability and plaintiff’s personal injury.

The firm consists of partners David Paul Losi and Jeffery D. Gangi with associate attorney Thomas G. Glynn and licensed workers’ compensation representative Jay P. Boardway.

The vast majority of our clients are individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of motor vehicle, construction, workplace or slip and fall accidents.

Beyond those who have suffered on the job injuries or have been the victim of a motor vehicle accident, we represent individuals who are unable to return to work with their social security disability claims.  If you are looking for a workplace injury lawyer, call Losi & Gangi today.