About Us

At Little Vineyard Preschool, we take great pride and joy in providing children (age 6 weeks – 5 Years) with safe, nurturing, and loving care in a creative and fun environment. As a Christian-based daycare service, we strive to teach all kids how to worship and serve the Lord through fun-filled and intellectual activities. More than the average childcare provider, our goal is to provide children with an enriching environment where they 
can understand and express their faith in Jesus Christ, all while building a solid foundation of education found in normal 
Pre-K education. Every child is special in the eyes of God and we work to foster a child’s innate curiosity and stimulate spiritual growth as they age. Having thoroughly trained and highly experienced educators and staff, we will be able to give your child the attention they need, and recognize developmental needs early on. Whether engaged in a fun learning activity or playing with other students on the playground, our lessons will reflect the values you hold in your own home.

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