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Dr. Kenneth R. Banas is a kind, gentle, experienced Pediatric Dentist with a long time staff who's focus is on children, teens & special needs patients. Call today for an appointment, then come in and meet Dr. B, his assistant Michelle, the hygienists Amy, Bridget, Debbie, Rhonda And Sue the receptionist. The office is located in West Seneca and serves all of Western New York.

Pediatric Dentistry is much different from general or family dentistry in that Dr. Banas has specifically gone to school and trained to offer dentist services to children through their teenage years.  Children’s teeth are very different than adults from the moment your teeth begin to grow and continuing through your teenage growth years. 

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pediatric dentist Buffalo NY Our staff understands that the dentist can cause a great deal of anxiety for your child.  This is why we employ a variety of techniques to keep your child happy and calm during their pediatric dentist visit.  Dr. Banas is specialized in children’s dentistry which requires an additional two years of school as to learn techniques to help your child.  We utilize a “tell-show-do” technique to put your child at ease. For a dedicated pediatric dentist in the Buffalo NY area, call Kenneth R. Banas today!

First we tell your child what tool we will be working with and what the name of the tool is.  Then we will show your child how the tool works by demonstrating on their fingers.  Then we use the tool to clean your child’s teeth.  By making the tool familiar it eliminates some of the fear that comes along with the unknown.  We praise your child for doing a good job during the appointment to make it a positive experience for them.

At the end of every treatment, Dr. Banas will come to examine your child’s teeth and allow them to choose a sticker from our large selection for doing a great job during the appointment.  Our staff will also make your child a balloon animal in their favorite color!  By making the dentist a fun place, we hope that your child will feel comfortable and come to enjoy the dentist!

pediatric dentistry Buffalo NY

Preventative Dentistry

One of the most important aspects of pediatric dentistry is the preventative care.  This includes instruction on how to properly brush and floss teeth as well as learning about dental development.  We will teach you and your child how diet can affect the growth of their teeth.

If your child sucks their thumb, a pacifier or grinds their teeth, our staff can give you techniques to use to stop your child from further developing these habits.  They can be very detrimental to teeth and the growth of their oral health.  If need be, Dr. Banas will use interceptive orthodontics to prevent the problem from continuing.

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Some children suffer from extreme anxiety and have a severe phobia of the dentist. We understand this fear and want your child’s appointment to go as smoothly as possible for them. In some cases, that require our dental services such as cleanings, fillings and X-rays to be done in a hospital operating room with general anesthetic. Hospital dentistry is 100% safe for your child.

Special Needs Care

Something very unique about Dr. Banas is his specialty in providing dental care for children with special needs and developmental disabilities.  Many special children are susceptible to dental disease or may need special diets to prevent issues from arising.

We offer special needs dentistry that allows your child to feel comfortable and learn in a way they understand.  We believe that preventative measures are important for your child so that they can learn how to care for their teeth as well as allow us to build a relationship with your child to put them at ease.

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Dr. Kenneth R. Banas is always accepting new patients and loves when his current patients are constant with their visits!  We are open Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.  Our office is conveniently located at 3615 Seneca Street in West Seneca.  Call today to schedule your child’s appointment at 716-235-5684.