About Us

Striking Custom Jewelry

JPratt Designs holds true to their hearts, the beauty of custom jewelry. They are one of the few jewelers remaining who cherish the art of hand carved jewelry. With the development of computers and their design capabilities, this old world practice is fast becoming a lost art.

Jeff personally carves the client’s original design out of wax prior to lost wax casting, setting, and finishing the piece. Each piece is also hand engraved. Hand engraving adds depth and a richness to Jeff and Jennifer’s already stunning pieces that is not attainable through machine engraving. It is a beautiful process that provides their pieces with unique and timeless elegance.


Diamonds and Gems

As diamond brokers, JPratt Designs offers hundreds of loose stones, including certified diamonds, to suit your taste and budget. The following is a list of criteria, commonly referred to as “The 4-Cs”, by which a diamond is graded:

The 4-Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight – are the characteristics that determine a diamonds rarity and value – and as a result, its price. No two diamonds are alike, although they may sometimes look identical to the naked eye. The 4-Cs, and the many ways in which they can be combined, are the key to understanding why two diamonds of equal size may not be of equal value. A basic understanding of each classification is important in making an informed purchase.

When looking to purchase a diamond, strive for a stone that offers a combination of the 4-Cs which best match your goals. Also, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder – don’t be afraid to use your eyes and trust your heart in selecting the diamond that speaks most to you. A basic understanding of the 4-Cs will help you to select the diamond that’s perfect for you.