About Us

Regardless of what stage of life you are in, an annual eye exam with a licensed eye doctor is necessary to protect your vision, just as important as annual physical exams or routine dental visits.  Eye conditions are best minimized and corrected through early detection; and current technology offers patients many innovative solutions without the invasive procedures used in the past.

Eye Doctor David Huston stays abreast of the latest optometric procedures through continuing education.  He cares about the people he treats, and wants to ensure that his patients are informed about all the available options so they can properly decide which eye care treatment is best for them.

The Wal-Mart Vision Center staff is dedicated to protecting the visual health of their patients by offering the highest standard of care.  The use of quality products and state-of-the-art equipment assists us in achieving our goal.  And after your eye exam, Dr. Huston and his staff are there to help you find the eyeglasses that look the best on you.  They offer a complete selection of many different brands of frames and lenses.  And our experienced opticians and technicians will make sure that your new eyeglasses fit the best.