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Who do you trust with your air conditioning system? Make it Gentry Air, Inc. of Greensboro, NC. Our air conditioner repair team is the best around. We are also an experienced heating contractor, providing furnace repair and heat pump repair to keep you warm when it gets chilly! Call for quality air conditioner service today.

Gentry Air, Inc. of Greensboro is a family owned company serving Greensboro, NC and the surrounding area with quality air conditioning services since 1982.  We pride ourselves on connecting you with a professional and knowledgeable heating contractor dedicated to providing you with top quality air conditioner repair and heat pump repair.

Our experienced employees will show up promptly and on time, accurately diagnose the issues with your air conditioning system, and give you an honest and detailed estimate so you know exactly what your air conditioner repair will entail. Each heating contractor that works for Gentry Air, Inc. was chosen for being professional, courteous, and competent, as well as an expert in heat pump repair. And of course, every single employee here at Gentry Air takes pride in a job well done. There's nothing we want more than to get your air conditioning system and furnace working at maximum efficiency, so you can be living in maximum comfort.

Quality air conditioning and heating work is just around the corner. For efficient work at a reasonable rate, turn to Gentry Air Inc. We are happy to serve our clients across all of Greensboro, NC. 

Our heating and air conditioner contractors are licensed, bonded and fully insured, so you can trust that they'll get the job done right, every time. With friendly service before, during and after the sale, especially with our service maintenance agreements, we hope that you come to rely on Gentry Air for years to come. 1, 5 & 10 year labor options on your new installation are available, and with a variety of financing options, what are you waiting for? Get the quality air conditioning system that you deserve with Gentry Air!

Trust us with your air conditioning system!

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Over time your air conditioning system will require maintenance to keep it running at optimal levels. By reaching out to a trusted air conditioning contractor, you can quickly and easily have your system serviced and brought up to speed. At Gentry Air Inc, we service all types of commercial and residential units.

Repairs are a necessary part of life. Working with the best contractors in your area will ensure that you get the most life out of your systems. From your air conditioner to furnace unit, Gentry Air Inc will take care of any issues. We staff only the best heating contractors and air conditioner repair specialists to take on tough jobs. Our primary focus is with our residential clients but consult with us for light commercial jobs as well.

Air conditioning system technology has come a long way in a very short time. For years, it was necessary to get your system tuned up in preparation for the summer months at least once a year. Today, with the advent of computerized technology, your modern air conditioning and heating system might not need service for two years. 

However, here at Gentry Air, our motto is "better safe than sorry." No matter if you have a high quality air conditioner, you may eventually need air conditioner repair to keep your family cool in the summertime. When that time rolls around, trust the pros over at Gentry Air. We can have your system working at peak efficiency in no time flat. Not only will an efficient system keep your home even more comfortable, but because it wastes less energy, you also save money every month. It doesn't get any better than air conditioning repair with Gentry Air of Greensboro, NC.

Sometimes, your machine’s warranty may become invalidated if routine maintenance isn’t applied. Another benefit to a routine maintenance check up is energy efficiency. Since your AC unit is kept outside something could happen inside your unit and you might not even notice. This disturbance in your unit could be enough to make your AC run at less than optimal performance rates, sucking up more energy than required of it. An annual check-up can prevent this loss of energy efficiency.

We are committed to providing our customers in Greensboro, NC with quality air conditioner and heating service. Our heating contractors are here to handle your heat pump repair and furnace repair needs to ensure that you stay warm during the cooler months. We will also make sure your air conditioning system is running properly and perform any air conditioner repair work necessary. Call us today!


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