About Us

To have great looking and healthy teeth, you need to start with a great dentist.

A family practice located in Park Slope that uses the latest, state of the art equipment and techniques. When you want a personal caring dentist call us. You will always be seen by Dr. Kravets or Dr. Goldman. With over 20 years experience you can count on us to treat you like family. Whiter smiles, healthy teeth, no painful gums, we take most insurance or work with you to finance treatment.

We offer the highest quality of dental care to our patients.

With a team that includes periodontists, hygienists and general dentists. We give you our undivided attention and special care you and your family deserve. We strive to provide comfort and optimal oral health to build beautiful smiles. We always take care of our patients as we will want to be taken care of ourselves.

Diagnostic: Digital X-Rays, uses almost no radiation, Oral Exam, Intraoral Cameras to detect potential problems. 

Oral Cancer Screening

  • Preventative Cleaning
  • Hand Scaler - below the gum line treatment and cleaning.
  • Cavitron - uses water to remove plaque and buildup above the gum line.
  • Prophy - paste polish teeth.

Composite Fillings

  • Mercury free restoration and natural tooth appearance.

Night Guards

  • Custom made appliances for either the upper or lower teeth. To protect teeth from pressure of clenching and grinding helps relieve pain from TMJ.

LP2 Dentures 

  • Removable prosthetic device replaces missing teeth.
  • Partial dentures- removable device if you are missing some teeth on a particular arch. Metal or plastic could be done in cosmetic form to eliminate metal hook.
  • Complete dentures - removable device


  • The removal of a tooth.
  • Bone graft if needed after extraction.

Bridges / Crowns / Inlays

  • Bridges–A permanent custom made restoration..
  • Inlays - Can be made from porcelain, composite resin and sometimes even gold.
  • Crowns - Completely covers a tooth / implant. Made from gold, porcelain and metal.
  • Cosmetic Crowns- Having a natural appearance.

Scaling and Root Planing

  • Targeting the area below the gum line, along the root.

Gum recession/Gum graft treatment-Helping resolve gum pain, bleeding or recession

  • Covers the area of exposed tooth surface. Helps prevent further root exposure and decrease or eliminate sensitivity.

Bone Graft

  • For local bone replacement due to periodontal inflammation and bone loss.

Root Canals

  • Treatment where the pulp of the tooth is cleaned out, the space disinfected and then filled. Help to prevent or relieve pain and infection.


  • Dental Implants are artificial teeth.  Come in and see the before and after results.

Take home teeth whitening or in the office in office Zoom! Teeth Whitening.

Laminates / Veneers

  • Bonded onto the side of teeth that are chipped, stained, or slightly misaligned laboratory made.

Gum recession/Gum graft Treatment

  • Aids in preventing of further root exposure and decrease or eliminate sensitivity.