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LP2 Since 1974, Tim Gabel Belting Inc. has provided farmers with rubber belting to help create traction for their dairy cows in the wet barns.  The mats also help to reduce fatigue amongst the cows which leads to greater milk production.

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Our Products

Tim Gabel Belting Inc. provides you with the best quality rubber belting in the industry.  The belting itself is ¾”-1” thick so it provides ample cushioning for your cattle in order to reduce their fatigue.  The rubber will provide increased traction for your cows as well as for yourself. 

Unlike other places where the rubber mats are simply laid on the floor, Tim Gabel Belting Inc. will go above and beyond to ensure safety.  When the mat is put on the concrete floor without being secure, it could potentially move, causing an unsafe work zone.  

Our team custom fits the mats to your needs and your barn so that it fits perfectly.  We will secure the belting with a cross groove pattern so that it won’t move.  This is the highest level of safety possible.

LP4 Why Rubber Belting?

Tim Gabel Belting Inc. understands the importance of keeping your dairy cows as safe and healthy as possible.  When the concrete floor in the barn becomes wet, it becomes very slippery and the cows can easily slip and fall.  It takes the cows a lot of traction in order to stay up on this floor which leaves them with sore feet and tired. 

In addition to the potential of your cows slipping and falling, the concrete floor causes fatigue in the cows.  Imagine how you feel after standing on a concrete surface all day.  The rubber flooring, providing the best in cow comfort, can help to reduce this tiredness and in return will allow your cows to produce more milk.

Our rubber flooring options will last through even the harshest environmental encounters.  In fact, we offer a 10 year warranty on our rubber products.  This is longer than anyone else in the industry.

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If you own a farm then you understand the troubles that come along with concrete floors.  They easily become slippery and can cause injury to yourself or cows.  Tim Gabel Belting Inc. can provide you with rubber cow carpets and rubber mats to reduce the slipping and provide optimal cow comfort.


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