About Us

The law offices of H. Wood Vann and Edward J. Falcone have been serving Durham and the surrounding counties in excess of twenty (20) years. The firm operates primarily in Durham County, but will travel to other local counties. The firm practices in all State Courts and in Federal Court (primarily criminal). Edward J. Falcone and H. Wood Vann are lifelong residents of Durham . Tyler S. Pokrass has resided in Durham since law school. The firm's original founder was Arthur Vann, II, who practiced with distinction for almost fifty (50) years. The firm concentrates its practice in Criminal, Traffic, Personal Injury , Family Law and Workers Compensation and is experienced in both jury and non-jury litigation.

Family Law Expertise

When it comes to the practice of family law, the Law firm of H. Wood Vann and Edward J. Falcone believe the following:

"Your children, your home, your retirement savings may all hang in the balance. It's serious business, and you can't trust your life's work to just any attorney.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

As NC Criminal Defense Attorneys you have made a wise choice with the Law office of H. Wood Vann and Edward J. Falcone because for more than 20 years Criminal law has been a strong suit.   We handle the defense of all types of misdemeanors and felonies, from juvenile offenses and white-collar crime to drug charges, armed robbery, assault and battery, and murder/homicide. We can provide representation in criminal proceedings in the state or federal courts in North Carolina.

Vehicle and Traffic Law

The penalties you face with traffic violations are handled quickly and effectively at the Law Office of H. Wood Vann & Edward J. Falcone.  We are Traffic lawyers you can count on and you definitely need help from our firm if this matter is a DUI/DWI.