About Us


Encore’s Client Care Team consists of you, your loved one, and a qualified private duty caregiver.  Together, the team decides what services are required and the schedule that is most suitable.  Encore understands that required services and schedules will evolve over time as client needs change.  This is why Encore maintains an on-call staff around the clock, every day of the year, to address scheduling, health, and safety issues.  In addition, extensive pre-employment background investigation verification assures that every caregiver is trustworthy, experienced, mature, and compassionate.  Caregiver activities are defined, supervised, and monitored by a competent nursing and support staff.

Encore Caregivers of Houston values senior care just as much as you do.  Its number-one goal is to foster the personal independence, safety, and dignity of each client.  Whether it is for a few hours, a week, or around-the-clock, Encore can help.  Choose Encore Caregivers today to make a positive difference in your loved one’s quality of life.