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Roof Repair Contractor Greenville, NC

Knowing how to build a successful relationship with our clients is just as important as knowing how to install a quality roof. Here at East Carolina Roofing & Coating, Inc, our dedication to customer satisfaction truly ranks second to none.  We've been serving the Greenville, NC region since 1974, and have managed to forge a wonderful working relationship between our loyal clients and our roofing contractor team.

We are a full service roofing company that provides the absolute finest in reroofing contractor services, roof repair contractor services and much much more! If you're looking to make a great investment, simply speak with one of our company representatives today!

Proper roofing is responsible for several key functions within your home or business. Most importantly, it serves as the structural support of your house. Additionally, the roof controls water ingress, air flow, water vapor diffusion, heat flow, and offers surface protection. Needless to say, it's imperative that you select the proper roofing contractor to handle all your specific needs.

Roof repairs are often administered after some extensive damage has been done; however, if you keep up on routine maintenance services, you can avoid any pricey work down the line. Allow our reroofing contractor to winterize and waterproof your current roof, or to apply new shingles
, and you'll surely save loads of cash in the long run.