About Us

"David's Outdoors Where Your Adventure Begins"

David and Tammera Park are experts when it comes to adventure.  David and Tammera not only own and operate David's Outdoors in Weatherford, TX, but they are avid hunters.  David's Outdoors, operating since 1982, has grown over the years as the popularity of bow hunting and archery has steadily increased.  With an indoor archery lane, a bow service shop, and tons of archery equipment, anyone who loves bows and arrows will surely find a good time at David's Outdoors.  It is the local gathering place for sportsmen and hunters alike to visit about their next big hunt or competition, and come together in the celebration of the wonderful outdoors.  The "Braggin' Board" - a place where customers can post pictures of the harvested animals -- got so full that they had to take it down before it fell down.  Some customers stay so long they claim the snack table as their "second office".  One thing is for sure, David's Outdoors offers adventure for all that enter, from beginner archers to the die-hard hunters, and all of those in between.

 David's Outdoors products include all kinds of archery, hunting, and camping equipment and supplies.

Bows, arrows, bow cases, broad heads, quivers, stabilizers, arrow rest release aids, sights, archery ranges, targets, and much more.  They even carry Army and Navy goods such as combat boots, knives, boomey hats and more.

Hunting equipment and supplies such as blinds, deer feeders, game calls, scents, and lures, pop-up blinds, binoculars, camo clothing for adults and children, guns, ammunition, bow fishing supplies, and mounting kits.

One thing is for sure, when you see the display of the Parks' trophies (bear, bobcats, white tail deer, turkey, mule deer and elk) that line the ceiling of the store, or the competitive nature and camaraderie of the archers shooting on their indoor range, you are likely to have the urge to grab a bow and arrow and start shooting.