About Us

At the David A. Carroll Law Firm in Pensacola, FL, divorce and family law are our primary focus. Whether you are going through a divorce or have another family legal issue, contacting a skilled attorney can put you on the path toward a fair resolution.

I work with my clients to obtain the best result we can get whether by hard core litigation, mediation, settlement or other alternatives like counseling.  I have the maturity and experience to guide my clients through the maze of emotional, technical, educational and financial issues that are faced in litigation.

I offer a PAYMENT PLAN on most cases.  I have found over the years that most people going through divorce or other legal hardship are generally faced with harsh financial conditions and can benefit by use of a structured payment plan.

I have NO MINIMUM fee on most cases.  If we are not required to exhaust your retainer, then unused portion will be refunded to you.