About Us

D.R. Charles Environmental Construction Service removes and replaces above and underground oil tanks, performs soil analysis, remediation and site restoration for Private Homes, Businesses, Municipalities, Condominiums and Apartments.


D.R. Charles Environmental Construction has over 10 years of experience in removing underground oil storage tanks, new tank installation, tank abandonment and remediation of contaminated soil. D.R. Charles takes care of all the necessary permits, provides Certified Extractable Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (ETPH) test results completed by a state certified laboratory.


Licensed Professionals With Experience In Oil Tank Removals!

Clean-ups involving oil leaks and groundwater contamination because of damaged or faulty oil tanks could be very expensive and servicing the tank can be dangerous if not handled properly. It is essential to hire qualified, licensed professionals with experience in oil tank removals and oil tank installations in Connecticut.


To guarantee customer satisfaction, D.R. Charles does not subcontract any of its work and completes all jobs in a timely and professional manner.


Looking To Sell Your Home?


Selling homes are difficult with underground storage oil tanks and almost every transaction now includes the demand for removal.


The average life expectancy of an underground oil tank is approximately 20 years. Don’t let an older tank turn into a potentially hazardous and costly repair that could jeopardize the sale of your home.


Our reputation speaks for itself! D.R. Charles Environmental Construction is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Department of Environmental Protection. We have been providing hands on environmental services all over Connecticut for over 10 years.  From Stratford, CT to Newtown, CT; all the way up to Westport, CT, D.R. Charles can help you with your oil tank problems and concerns. 


All our technicians are trained and certified according to Connecticut state and federal regulations and D.R. Charles Environmental Construction is licensed and fully insured. We work affordably, efficiently and honestly to provide a safe solution for your environment. 

Oil Tank Removals, Stratford, CT