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For 10 years our staff at Crawl Space Specialist has been solving moisture problems for homes and businesses throughout Onslow CountyNCIf your home has been the victim of water or moisture damage, we are your solution for repairing rotten wood in crawl spaces and leveling sagging floors.

From floor repair to sump pump and beam installation, we solve moisture problems permanently.  Crawl Space Specialist has a reputation for quality work.  Our experienced team is ready to solve and fix all of your moisture problems, whether you are in a home, apartment, or office space.  You can always rest assured that we stand by our work.  We specialize in moisture control and wood rot.  Please contact us for a consultation with one of our moisture specialists today.  Free estimates are available over the phone (910) 455-7316.

Some things you should know about mold:

In the past several years, mold has emerged as a major issue for the entire building industry, as well as the pest management industry.  The issue stems from thousands of insurance claims and lawsuits, including successful, multi-million dollar settlements, that identify building mold as a health problem for tenants and homeowners.  Most building professionals agree that the area in the home most prone to growing mold is the typical crawl space fitted with the foundation vents (wall vents).

Pest management companies are vulnerable to mold liability because of the simple fact that they spend so much time in crawl spaces.  Crawl Spaces in humid climates – like the Southeast, the Gulf Coast states and Northwest regions – are the most prone to surface mold problems.  Crawl space mold is most readily noticed when it grows on the floor joists and joist beams, but molds can grow everywhere in the crawl space, including on the exposed ground surface and settled dust, as well as on plumbing lines and HVAC ductwork.

As soon as the floor frame is covered with subflooring, a crawl space can trap moisture and become an ideal environment to grow mold.  Now that most homes are air conditioned, the crawl space mold problem has worsened.  Crawl space moisture readily condenses on cold floor framing and ductwork in air-conditioned homes.