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Serving the Lumberton, NC area is a septic tank service that cannot be beat.  From dirt hauling to all kinds of backhoe work, they do it all.  With affordable prices, friendly and time-efficient work and a huge variety of services to choose from, there is no one better to choose then Cooper Septic Tank Service in Red Springs, NC. 

Cooper Septic Tank Service is a family owned business that has been providing quality dirt hauling and septic tank service for the Lumberton, NC area for over 35 years.  With their dedicated team, Cooper Septic Tank Service will place all of their focus on the needs of their clients.  From very affordable dirt hauling to prompt and efficient backhoe work, every commercial, residential and industrial client is always completely satisfied. 

Below listed are some of their services:

  • Septic System InstallationsBackhoe work Lumberton, NC
  • Onsite Waste Water Disposal
  • Pumping/Cleaning Septic Tanks
  • Residential, Industrial, & Commercial
  • Repairs/Additions to Septic Systems
  • Grease Traps Cleaned
  • All Types of Backhoe Work
  • Dirt Hauling and much more!

They provide a huge variety of septic tank services in order to prevent future problems. A septic tank should regularly be pumped out and the accumulated solids should be disposed of. The experts at Cooper Septic Tank Service can help you to dodge any overflow, expensive repairs and soil porosity with fast and environmentally friendly dirt hauling and septic work.

We also offer dirt hauling service

Dirt Hauling Lumberton, NC

For more information on all of their services including backhoe work and more, visit their website.  Their backhoe & hauling services offer demolition, excavation, deconstruction, backhoe assistance, dirt hauling and plenty more.  Fully licensed and insured, the team at Cooper Septic Tank Service will always get the job done safely, keeping you and your property protected. 

Cooper Septic Tank Service provides highly effective septic tank, water disposal, cleaning and repair services to commercial, residential and industrial property owners in the Lumberton, NC area.  They are reliable, friendly and get the job done right, every time!

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