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Boat Dealers Jacksonville, FL

When you've made the decision to invest in a boat, there are a lot of different buying options to consider.  A good option, if you’re concerned about pricing, is looking to consignment boats or consignment fishing boats! Consignment Boat Sales is one of the premier used boat dealers in Jacksonville, FL! Come in today to check out our selection of consignment fishing boats and recreational boats!

Locally owned and operated since 2001, Consignment Boat Sales is owned by Guy Morrison, a respected boat salesman & resident of Atlantic Beach, FL.  All types of boats are sold through Consignment Boat Sales but we specialize in consignment boats.  If you’re looking to sell your boat but aren’t sure where to begin, call us today! We don’t charge a listing fee so you will get the best bang for your buck whether you are selling or to buy fishing boats.  If you're looking for used boats for sale in the area, our showroom is the one to visit!