About Us

The center’s compassionate, discrete, and Bible-centered staff is available any time to help you and your loved ones recover from life-controlling concerns using a faith-based therapeutic treatment model.

Christian marriage counseling helps change unhealthy beliefs

Community of Compassion’s marriage counseling ministry is directed toward helping couples break with the damaging beliefs that cause problems in their marriages.

The focus of its Christian marriage counseling is to help couples fulfill their spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational needs – regardless of their ethnic or national heritage – and restore health to their marriage.

Christian family counseling provides compassionate ministry to you and your loved ones

Community of Compassion’s Christ-centered family counseling seeks to build strong relationships in a diverse community by ministering from its spiritual core to the heart of each situation.

Belief therapy reveals your spiritual center

At the Bridge Belief Therapy Center, counselors understand that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, not a human being having a spiritual experience.

Community of Compassion uses the Bible as its guide to help people navigate through the wilderness of defeats, defects, distortions and disorders. It adheres to the highest ethical standards for Christian and family counseling.