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Elder Care Center Beaumont, Texas

Are you looking for a safe, comfortable elder care center for your loved one? Are they in need of long term care? Are you not sure where to look for the perfect nursing home? Choose the friendliest and most caring rehabilitation facility at College Street Health Care Center!

When looking for the most suitable nursing home, give College Street Health Care Center a call. We provide Beaumont, Texas a quality, skilled nursing facility provided by excellent elder care, with a well-organized rehabilitation facility. When it comes a health care center, your loved ones will be as comfortable and happy as possible with the assistance of professional care. For a long term care facility and nursing home full of caring and compassionate people, choose College Street Health Care Center. We promise to take care of your loved one with the utmost attention and kindness!

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College Street Health Care Center is a relaxing, 46-bed skilled nursing facility in Beaumont, Texas.  We accept patients staying for different lengths of time as we are both a short-term and long-term care facility.  We take the complexity out of choosing the right nursing home in your search! We are fully staffed with friendly, caring people, and we take care of our patients to the fullest level of comfort and reassurance.  Here at our elder care center, every one of our patients is our number one priority.

Choose a Long Term Care Facility That Really Cares!

When a person can no longer live on their own, it may be difficult to determine what comes next. Let us help you make that decision a little easier. College Street Health Care Center places emphasis on a home sweet home-like setting with the most stringent health and safety requirements in place. We provide 100% dependable and always consistent care for our patients, 24 hours a day seven days a week. No other rehabilitation facility can compare as we accommodate everyone’s daily needs. From medical & medication monitoring, to therapy and nutritional value for a healthy diet, our staff is highly trained to provide the proper care for you or your loved one. We put forth every effort to make sure every patient’s stay is a pleasant one. 

College Street Health Care Center offers a warm and friendly atmosphere to the residents of Beaumont, Texas that reflects the tradition of quality care  in our long term care facility. We believe it's our staff that makes the difference. Our supervisors and administrators expect more than mere technical compliance with governmental rules and regulations. They lead a team sensitive to the social and emotional needs of all the residents at our long term care facility.

When searching for a nursing home, you want to be assured your loved one is receiving the top care. At College Street Health Care Center, we strive to provide the finest rehabilitation facility and long term care facility in the Beaumont, Texas. Our health care center provides a variety of great amenities, including:

  • Cozy accommodations
  • Residential privacy
  • Customized diet plans
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Infection control standards
  • Medical administration
  • Quality nursing care

Along With Our Accommodations, Our Staff Makes Us the Most Skilled Nursing Facility serving Beaumont, Texas.

Elder Care Center Beaumont, Texas From our beauty/barber shop to podiatry, optometry and dental service, every resident can enjoy their stay at our elder care center.  We are equipped with a full pharmacy, lab and x-ray services. We also provide psychological help and other psychological services as well.  With a variety of activities and services at our short and long term care facility, residents are fully able to enjoy themselves knowing they can keep occupied and feel safe when something unexpected arises. 

How Do I Choose the Right Long Term Care Facility for My Loved One?

Choosing the right nursing home or long term care facility can be a daunting task. Quite possibly the most important thing to remember in looking for an elder care center is to ensure that it offers congregate living settings to keep it as much like home as possible. However, if you choose College Street Health Care Center, you don't have to worry. Our skilled nursing facility has the staff, grounds, and compassion to make it one of the best health care centers and living facilities in Beaumont, Texas.

With a variety of amenities, our nursing home is one of the most sought after in the Beaumont, Texas area. Our passionate staff makes our skilled nursing facility a great place for temporary or permanent residents, as well as their visiting family and friends. Whether you need a short or long term care facility, College Street Health Care Center is a great choice.

College Street Health Care Center makes choosing the right nursing home for your loved one in Beaumont, Texas an easy, affordable decision. We are fully committed to each and every one of our residents and we enjoy building bonds and lasting relationships with them all.

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Our long term care facility can become your loved ones "Home Sweet Home" in no time. With all of the care and compassion provided by our rehabilitation facility, we can ensure that our residents are full able to enjoy themselves and be happy. Come on in to our health care center today; we look forward to meeting you!