About Us

Clip & Show is an award winning dog grooming service. We have been locally owned and operated for over 40 years. We cater to all dog breeds, all sizes, and all requests.

We go above and beyond for your pet. Not only do we offer grooming, but we offer flea and tick removal through medicated bathing (if necessary). Nail clipping is offered along with grooming. Complete ear cleaning is also available to help ensure proper health for your pet. We treat minor rashes, dry skin, and skin bacteria with salves and conditioners. We are a full service grooming destination for your dog.

Rick Segur is an award winning groomer and stylist. Since 1975 he still owns and operates his local business. His assistant Silma is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. Rick has won multiple awards and can supply references from his other clients upon request. His customers keep coming back for the quality and customer service that is unmatched.

Bathing, scrubbing, and generally pampering other people's dogs is hard work, but for the team at Clip & Show, it is a labor of love. Strict attention to detail is given to every dog. The staff is kind and gentle throughout the grooming process.

The recently remodeled facility is conveniently located in downtown Danbury on South Street. The facilities are cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. This provides a welcoming environment for your dog, whatever the grooming needs may be.

Find out today why clients rave about Clip & Show:  a superior full service grooming  facility with an experienced and caring staff. Holiday theme gifts are included for your pets. Pamper your pets as they deserve to be.