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Clearview Maintenance is the company that Buffalo, NY turns to time and time again for all of their building cleaning needs. When it's time to revitalize the exterior of your location, our window cleaning and pressure cleaning services can have it sparkling in no time. We serve residential, commercial and industrial customers in the Western New York region, so we can essentially clean anything that has a window! Call today.

As a business owner, often times your facilities are the first impression that your clients have to go off of. Taking pride in your company inherently means taking care of the space in which you work, and making it presentable to clients and onlookers.

Clearview Maintenance can make maintaining your property the simplest of tasks. With a thorough pressure cleaning and window cleaning service, we will restore your building to pristine condition. We can also provide a thorough cleaning of your building's interior space as well.

On top of building cleaning, we also offer a high lifting and salting service, as well as snow removal. We guarantee that your building's exterior will be spotless by the time we're through. Depending on your needs and budget, we can accommodate you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As a fully insured, licensed and bonded company, you know that you are getting trusted service.

We specialize in pressure cleaning & building cleaning!

Dirt, mold, mildew and spider webs can be unsightly additions to your house, office building, driveway or patio. Clearview Maintenance can renew the appearance of these surfaces with our phenomenal pressure cleaning services. We use low-pressure nozzles and can vary the span to accommodate the specific surface. A low pressure setting helps to prevent damage to more delicate surfaces such as stucco and some types of stone.

You might not think about the cleanliness of the outside of your building on a regular basis. While passing by, it can easily be overlooked. Over time any building or window can start to look a lot older and more weathered just from dirt and debris that can easily be removed. To keep any building looking bright and clean all year long, choose Clearview Maintenance of Buffalo, NY.

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All of the building cleaning solutions used in our services are non-toxic and safe for you and the environment. Our staff employs safe practices in every job that they complete, and respect your residential and commercial spaces. They are trained professionals who will effectively complete window cleaning tasks to make your home or business look better than ever.

Our professional crew recommends regularly scheduled window cleaning services to ensure that your business or home look great all year round! On average, we recommend both interior and exterior window cleaning and building cleaning services at least twice a year. With a routine window cleaning and interior cleaning service scheduled, you can feel confident in the way your headquarters or residence appears to the outside world. We guarantee satisfaction when it comes to building cleaning, both inside and out, so you won't ever have to worry about an inadequate cleaning job!

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Sometimes Windex just won't cut it! Trust the experts at Clearview Maintenance. Our window cleaning professionals are prompt and efficient so as to ensure that you are receiving the most spectacular building cleaning service possible! We even offer griffity removal. Between our up-to-date power washing equipment and our meticulous staff of cleaners, we have every tool we need to deliver and restore the luster to your space. Call us today and ask about our special promotions and get on our yearly cleaning plan!

As with all of our services, a free estimate for your window and pressure washing cleaning is only a phone call away! 716 649-7942. We proudly serve the Buffalo, NY area!