About Us

At the Clay Casa, we specialize in letting creativity and imagination soar. As the premier pottery painting, mosaic, and glass fusing studio in San AntonioTX, you will be able to walk in and let your artistic abilities do the talking, no appointment necessary. From kids parties andfield trips, to wedding showers, the Clay Casa is an easy way to keep your guests and children entertained and create lasting memories.

If painting is your forte, our pottery classes would be a great hobby option for you. Your first step to becoming a pottery painter is to choose from hundreds of ceramic pottery pieces in an array of different sizes and shapes including bowls, plates, mugs, letters, vases and banks. After making your selection, the real fun begins! Pick your colors from our palette, boasting over 60 glazes and specialty glazes like speckle. For your own, and your little one’s safety, all paints and glazes are non-toxic and completely washable, just in case things get a little messy.

With stamps, stencils, brushes, and all supplies needed provided, we hope to give a boost of inspiration in creating your masterpiece. When you have finished the design, leave your ceramic pottery piece with us. We will glaze and fire it for you, and your clay creation will be able to be picked up in a few days. For mosaic or glass fusion, all supplies are also provided for your convenience.

Ceramic Pottery, San Antonio, TX