About Us

The devastating results of serious personal injury and wrongful death have become too familiar to our firm.

Serious injuries from auto accidents and oil field accidents are just a few instances where injuries could easily be avoided. Although we can’t erase the devastation caused by negligent wrongdoers, it is our job to help the victims. We understand that personal injury and wrongful death victims struggle in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Overwhelming medical expenses and funeral bills.
  • Overwhelming anger/sadness and sense of loss felt by:
    • The survivors of those whose lives were wrongfully cut short.
    • Victims of amputations.
    • Victims of paralysis.
    • Victims who are no longer able to perform their job and support their family.
    • Victims of disfigurements (such as in burns or horrific scarring cases).
    • Victims of criminal acts, such as drunk drivers or drug impaired drivers.
  • The loss of relationship, for example to husband and wife or parent and child, brought on as a consequence of serious personal injury.
  • Loss of identity and self-esteem for those severely injured.
  • Anxiety caused to those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • The deep desire for justice.
  • The inability to find closure until the claim is resolved.
  • The fear associated with loss of security for one’s future.

The years have taught us that accident victims of personal injury and wrongful death deserve lawyers who are COMPASSIONATE, HONEST, EXPERIENCED and willing to WORK HARD.

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