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Portable Potty Rental Pembroke, NH Best Septic Service is a septic pumping company that is located in the Pembroke, NH, Bow, NH and Concord, NH area. When you need emergency septic service or a portable potty rental for events and festivals, give us a call. Our knowledge and experience in servicing septic tanks is unmatched. We can diagnose any problems that you may be experiencing with your system and provide you with an effective solution. At Best Septic Service, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers' satisfaction. Call us today for septic cleaning services and high-quality portable restroom rental.

The best septic pumping & service around!

When your septic tank needs to be pumped in Bow, NH, we have experience with a variety of systems to ensure that any potential issue can be properly identified and fixed before the issue gets worse. Delaying a septic pumping can cause irreversible damage to your property.

Maintenance Tips

Best Septic Service knows that the most important, yet overlooked, feature in the home is the treatment and disposal of waste water. So, we would like you to keep in mind the following points:

  • Septic Pumping Concord, NH There are several variables that affect how often your septic tank should be pumped. On average, most septic tanks should be pumped every 2-5 years. 
  • Pumping every 2 years helps prevent solids from getting into the system and damaging the lateral field. Flushing harmful solids or use of your garbage disposal should reduce the amount of time between pumping.
  • Use the garbage to dispose of grease, oil, and fats to prevent the septic tank from clogging. 
  • Control water levels going into your septic system with water saving fixtures and repair any leaky faucets or running toilets.
  • Use toilet paper brands that display a “safe” for septic tanks marking- 1ply, no chemicals. 
  • Lint traps on your washing machine can keep pipes in your absorption field from clogging. 
  • Do not flush any garbage in toilets – toilet paper only and bodily functions
  • Limit use of Anti-Bacterial products.

portable restroom rental Bow, NH How Septic Tank Systems Works

Are you interested in how your septic pumping system works? The actual tank consists of several layers. Solid organic material will float to the surface and form a layer called the "scum layer." Over time, bacteria in the septic tanks covert this material to liquid. The inorganic solid materials will sink to the bottom of the tank and form the "sludge" layer. Between these layers, a fairly clear layer of water should exist. This clear water flows into the soil absorption area.

Septic Pumping Concord, NH Septic Tank System Repair 

Sludge that accumulates in the bottom of the tank must be pumped out periodically. How frequently depends on the size of the tank, the use it gets, and the condition of the system. There is no additive that you can put in the tank that will deal with sludge. IT MUST BE PUMPED OUT.

Bacteria are necessary for solids digestion. If bacteria-killing products are used in the home, the bacteria must be replenished. If the bacteria are not replenished, the septic system will fill up with solid material and overflow into the soil absorption area eventually clogging the system. Call us for all of your septic cleaning needs in Pembroke, NH, Concord, NH and surrounding areas.

portable potty rental Bow, NH

Warning Signs of Septic Tank System Failure

How can you tell that your septic pumping system is failing? If you aren't able to drain your toilets or garbage disposals correctly, this could be one indicator of a plumbing backup. Around the area of the septic system, you'll smell an odor and see that the ground is mushy.

Offering affordable & clean portable potty rental for events from Bow, NH to Pembroke, NH & the surrounding areas!

Portable Toilet Rentals

In addition to our septic service, we rent portable toilets. For an affordable, clean and well maintained portable potty rental, call Best Septic Services. We take pride in the condition of our units. If you are hosting an outdoor event, or a party that will involve more guests than your bathrooms can accommodate, our portable toilet rental services are the perfect solution.

With us, you get a clean and comfortable portable potty at a great price for any events in the Pembroke, Bow, and Concord, NH areas. We have handicap accessible units and wash station rental. Our portable wash stations are great for outdoor parties with lots of food and no running water.

Our portable toilet rental includes hand sanitizer dispensers for hygiene. Wash stations come complete with soap, paper towels, and a trash can. Each wash station has two sinks. We can drop off portable toilets and wash stations for your weekend event, then pick our equipment up on Monday. Monthly rentals are serviced every week.

We also offer weekend and long-term portable potty rental with no hidden fees or charges. If you are a foreman and want your workers to have a clean and comfortable place to do their business while on the job in the greater Concord, NH area, give us a call today for you portable restroom rental! 

portable potty rental Pembroke, NH RATES:

  • Wash station $100/ weekend
  • Wash station and one PT: $175 / weekend
  • Wash station and two PTs: $250/ weekend
  • Regular portable toilet: $100/ weekend - $125/ month
  • Handicapped toilet: $175/ weekend - $200/ month

Whether you are in charge of a large community event in Bow, NH or you're having a family gathering in Pembroke, NH and need extra bathrooms, our portable potty rental services are the ones to choose. From clean units to wash stations and more, our services are some of the best in the greater Concord, NH area!

Whether you need portable potty rental or septic pumping services, call the professionals at Best Septic Service. We keep homes clean, one flush at a time. Remember to keep on top of your septic tank maintenance!


We proudly serve Pembroke, NH, Bow, NH, and Concord, NH.