About Us

High Tech Nursing.

While advances in technology have increased the quality of home health care, the need for old fashioned caring still exists.  Any-Time Home Care offers personalized care for homebound patients with the latest equipment and experienced nursing services.

We will help your loved one maintain their independent lifestyle while receiving a high level of care.  Our many services include nursing, therapy services, infusion therapy and home health services.  We cover everything from daily living and hygiene to medication management.  Our staff is comprised of skilled and experienced nurses and professional caregivers, all with one goal in mind; to encourage personal growth in our patients while helping them to return to a healthy, independent lifestyle.

Professional Nursing Services

To meet the ever-changing demands of home health care, nurses must possess a variety of specialties and skills.  Any-Time Home Care has a team of experienced nurses capable of meeting all of your loved one’s needs.

We can help with anything from child care to respiratory care.  Our nurses are available for institutional care as well.  Many health care facilities in Nyack and West Nyack, NY, have supplemented their staff with our registered nurses and certified nurse assistants.