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We are state licensed bail bond agents!

So What is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds temporarily place the defendant in the custody of the posting bail agency; a bail bond is a monetary guarantee filed with the court where the agency reassures the court that during the defendant’s pending case, he or she will appear when they are ordered to do so.  By working with a bail bonds company, your friend or loved one can be freed from jail, in a more convenient manner in which you do not have to personally post the entire bail bond amount. Your bail bonds agent will collect a precise percentage of the total bail amount from you as a premium and the rest is to be paid through financing with us.

After making the call and supplying us with the defendant's personal information and charge/charges, you will need to provide Angelo Bail Bonds with a percentage of the total bail bond amount, which usually is about 10%.  One of our bail bonds agents will then contact the jail facility to determine what is needed for the bail information and will arrange for your friend or relative’s release.

There is a wide range of convenient benefits you will find working with one of our bail bond professionals at Angelo Bail Bonds.  Our bail bond agents are very organized and prepared and will save you time, frustration and money.  By posting a bail bond with our agency, you will only have to pay a fraction of the amount required at jail.  While maintaining confidentiality we also provide you or the defendant with greater control; you, your friend or your relative will not be subjected to the whims of a system that forces you into a program without regarding your wishes.

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