About Us

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For over 15 years Angel Home Care, Inc. has been assisting families with all of their home health care needs.  Angel Home Care, Inc. is able to provide peace of mind.  Our senior companions will be with your family members when it is impossible for you to be there.  You can rest assured your loved ones will receive attentive and competent care from our Companions.

With over 79 Million Baby Boomer Seniors today, there are growing number of people who require more senior care than can be provided by family members on a daily basis.  We all work and have other obligations. We do not want our loved ones, who need home health care or assistance, to have to fend for themselves.  There are many times when seniors are left alone for hours and this can be a very difficult situation for these seniors. Through Angel Home Care, Inc, your loved one can spend time with a senior companion when you cannot be there.

Quality senior care is our number one goal at Angel Home Care. When extra assistance is needed, we are here to help. Offering the best in care and compassion for all seniors.