About Us

Established in 1984, American Masonry & Chimney Corp embodies the attitude of a hardworking American company. Founded in Rochester, NY, American Masonry & Chimney Corp has accumulated over 50 years of combined experience in masonry and chimneys from our dedicated contractors. Our contractors are able to repair any chimney or fireplace or design one from scratch. There is no better company in New York State for fireplace and chimney service than American Masonry & Chimney Corp. In addition, we offer exemplary stucco contracting services. Our delicate approach to repairing stucco is directly associated with a longer lasting stucco bond. Let our knowledge, experience, and passion for masonry work for you.

Our professionalism extends farther than just our experience. We are a fully licensed and insured company and are also available to stop by your home for emergency repairs and Chimney Repairs. We take our profession and responsibility to you, our customers, just as serious as you take the well being of your home.

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Fireplaces & Chimneys

American Masonry & Chimney Corp is the best fireplace and chimney contractor in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. Since 1984, we have grown to become one of the leading fireplace and chimney contractors through hard work and dedication to our customers.

2 Our expertise in fireplaces and chimneys derives from decades of experience. There is no fireplace or chimney project that intimidates us because we have done them all. We’ve installed fireplaces big and small, narrow and wide, and some even made from marble. We offer our customers full imaginative license when coming up with the perfect fireplace for their home. Visit our website to see examples of previous fireplaces we’ve created. You will soon realize why we are the best masonry contractors around.

Over the years, American Masonry & Chimney Corp. has again and again redefined chimney repair in the Buffalo and Rochester areas. Our skills and time management provide our customers with the best repair and minimum work time. After all, we didn’t obtain our sterling reputation by coasting on jobs. American Masonry & Chimney Corp. comes with American quality masonry work. At arrival, we assess the type of stone or material used to make your chimney and match it up with the best material to fix it. Unlike our competitors, we take the time to efficiently gauge if there are weak points in your chimney that could have resulted in faulty work or from natural causes like weather. There are a number of projects where we had to remove single bricks from a chimney and replace them. This is the type of work that separates us from the other guys. If you are seeking the best talent around in chimney repair than let us help you solve your problem.

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3 Stucco Contracting

Stucco is a hard binding substance that is used for a variety of purposes. They range from bonding objects together, protecting surfaces, and decorating walls or mantles. Stucco is a very common material with fireplaces and chimneys and over time can be damaged and worn away from general wear and natural causes. Applying stucco is considered very difficult, but repairing it is even more so. Our contractors are able to repair even the most intricate and delicate designs made from stucco. We also offer general stucco repair that is spread across concrete or walls. If you think the stucco covering your walls or foundation is thinning out, try to replace it sooner rather than later. Stucco provides great protection for only a fraction of the price of repairing a house’s foundation or wall. American Masonry & Chimney Corp. provides stucco contracting (Stucco Contractors) for homes and businesses at the best prices. Our approach to stucco work is to be as meticulous as possible, guaranteeing that the stucco creates a cohesive bond and will last longer.


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