About Us

landscaping services Stamford, CT Are you standing outside your house and noticing the paint that is chipping off the side? It's probably time to repaint your home.  Are you thinking that your home garden needs updating? Our landscape designs are unlike any other.  Hire American Landscape, the exterior painting and general contracting company located in Stamford, CT.  Their indoor and outdoor landscaping services are meant to improve the appearance of your property, plain and simple. When you want to update your home's exterior, we are the only company worth calling!

The owner, Tali Ramos, has been in the business for 13 years.  Starting off as a masonry contractor, he has built a landscaping designs business that has prospered threefold.  He serves all of Fairfield County. Ramos and his team of contractors have improved the landscapes of hundreds of homes in Stamford, CT.  Their tree work is top notch, and they offer excavation services for tree stump removal or other debris.